Pressing Pause

Over the past two years this blog has acted as a kind of catharsis. It’s been a place for me to share my thoughts and put the things I'm struggling with into words. It’s allowed me the space to explore my feelings, celebrate the good days, and bare witness to the bad ones. The truth... Continue Reading →

One Year On…

Sometimes I feel like this year all I’ve done is wait to feel like myself again, but in fact I’ve spent so long waiting, I think I’ve forgotten what that used to feel like – or what that’s supposed to feel like.

Spas, Saunas and The Threat of Stares

Shopaholic tenancies aside - why should I buy another? Why should I have to change what I wear just because I have a little bag on my stomach? So I talked my self out of the panic purchase and rifled through my draws to find my favourite old trusted bikini and swore to wear that instead.

Adjusting & Learning to Love

I wake up every morning and remind myself that I am no less worthy of love, connection, or belonging because of this bag. But I do this fully aware that there is going to be some days when I don’t believe myself, and making allowances for these moments is what really counts. 

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