My name is Lolly, and after a lot of debate and plenty of false starts, I have decided to write down just about everything I possibly can about love, life and most importantly Crohns’

I’m one of the 300,000 people in the UK affected with Crohn’s Disease. This disease has quite frankly reeked havoc on my life both physically and mentally and I hope to use this blog to create some awareness about it, or just provide a little insight to those who might just see this and be a little curious.

As a basic description Crohn’s Disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease in which an abnormal immune system response causes chronic inflammation in the digestive tract. It is most importantly a immune system problem, and not a result of anything I have done or a kind of food intolerance.

Remember white blood cells from GCSE Biology? They’re meant to engulf and kill bad cells, bacteria etc. Mine are confused and believe that the cells in my body (primarily my gut) are bad and attack them.

And the cure?

You tell me! Crohn’s Disease is currently incurable and there is a long list of treatments to manage the disease including :  steroids, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and surgery – and I have tried all of them!

Is it fatal?

While the disease itself is not classed as fatal the complications that can arise from a lack of treatment, or even as side effects of treatment, yes it could be. For example, should i refuse treatment my bowel would more than likely eventually rupture and kill me, but my current medications side effects include Leukaemia. Certainly a rock and a hard place.


I am determined not to be defined as a person by this disease and hopefully get to write about some of the more positive things this diagnosis has allowed me to consider.  Along with having Crohn’s, I would like to say that I’m also 20 years old, and I think peanut butter is probably this worlds greatest invention,  I’m a coffee enthusiast, and I’ve never watched Lord of the Rings. I’m a keen surfer, but I mainly go along for the post surf beer, so i’m probably more of a beach bum.  I live between West Sussex in the U.K and Lagos, Portugal, and I am desperately learning Portuguese.

I hope you find something interesting in this blog, or perhaps learn something new.


Lolly x




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